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"I used the legal services of Ria Rochvarg
in a guardianship matter
dealing with an elderly family friend.
She provided excellent representation.
She is extremely knowledgeable in
guardianship matters and handled the
matter promptly. Ms. Rochvarg was
always available to answer questions
and to explain the process. The
guardianship case went smoothly and
was resolved without any problems.
I would not hesitate to refer other
guardianship cases to her."

- Tom Green, Esq.
Washington, DC


"The law office of Ria Rochvarg, P.A.
provided the legal counsel my family
needed. Ms. Rochvarg and her
associates worked with the States Attorney,
family physicians, and the emergency room
at Howard County General Hospital to
ensure the timely resolution of legal issues
facing my aging parents. Moreover, Ms. Rochvarg and her associates helped me to
negotiate successfully each step in the
guardianship process. Finally, Ms.
Rochvarg offered her services at an
affordable rate and provided flexible
payment arrangements. I recommend Ria
Rochvarg to help with guardianship issues."

- Stanley Wood
Columbia, MD

Guardianship Law – Minors

Adult guardianship is a legal procedure in which a court determines that a person has a mental disability that interferes with his/her ability to make responsible decisions regarding his/her person and/or property. Maryland law requires adherence to detailed procedures for notice and a hearing designed to protect an individual’s due process rights. In all instances, a petition must be filed with the Circuit Court in the county where the alleged disabled person resides, is hospitalized or is located. The petition should state all reasons for the appointment of a guardian, and whether the request is for guardianship of the ward’s person, property or both. Quite often, guardianships of person and property are sought in the same petition. Although guardianship proceedings can be handled without an attorney, the procedure is often complicated. Hiring an attorney to represent the petitioner can ultimately save time and expense while ensuring a result that is in the best interest of the inidvidual.

Since 1996, Ria has been practicing guardianship law. She has represented individuals who are alleged to be in need of a guardian in over 1,500 cases. Ria also represents individuals who seek to have a guardian appointed for a loved one or close friend, and has represented interested persons in guardianship proceedings.

Guardianship Law – Minors

There are several situations where it might be necessary to file for a guardianship of a minor child. First, when parents of minor children are temporarily incapable of caring for their children, it might be necessary to ask a family member to become the minor children’s legal guardian. In order to accomplish this, a petition must be filed with the Circuit Court or Orphan’s court in the county where the minor children reside. Second, if a minor child inherits money or receives a monetary award from a settlement, parents need to petition the court to become the guardian of the minor’s property.

Ria has extensive experience representing parents, grandparents, and children in cases involving guardianship of a minor child.

Family Mediation Services

Family mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution available to parties facing separation, divorce or custody issues. The traditional method of dispute resolution has been litigation where the separating or divorcing parties are adversaries, and a judge or master resolves any disputes. Mediation is different because the parties work together to decide between themselves what is best for them and their children. The mediator is not a judge, but helps the parties decide on their own how to resolve their differences.

Through mediation, the parties are directly involved in making decisions for-and-about themselves and their children, unlike when parties take the case to court. By using mediation, the parties can work through their problems without being bound by rules of the court. This allows more freedom to satisfy everyone concerned. The parties may also be more inclined to abide by an agreement that they have reached together, rather than terms which have been imposed upon them by the court.

Since 2001, Ria has been a mediator where she acts as a neutral, third party facilitator assisting couples in resolving their disputes. She is also a trained collaborative family lawyer. In collaborative cases, Ria represents one of the parties. These cost saving alternative dispute resolution practices enable clients to resolve legal problems through an efficient, mutually agreeable, out-of-court process.


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